That’s a wrap

Beginning with the end.


It’s an odd place to start, a saying that, for most in the world of video, means the end.

‘That’s a wrap’.

Since the 1920s filmmakers have been using the phrase, that’s according to Wikipedia. The origins of the phrase, however,¬†were passed onto me by a man whose name I can’t remember.

Funny, the content of our conversation was more memorable than personal details about him.

Before the digital days films and video were shot using something called ‘celluloid’. Once the shooting was done the director would say ‘Wind, reel and print’ – this is how you’d get your final product.

Supposedly this is origin of the term ‘wrap’, certainly in the context of filmmaking.

I’m dubious.

We use wrap to describe finishing something in far more circles than just filmmaking and I feel as if the acronym was created afterwards, to match the phrase.

Welcome to Video Spy, a watchful eye over how video is used in the world of online news and media to inform, educate, entertain and deceive.

As for post #1, that’s a wrap.

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