Remember earlier when I said that it would take something pretty special to top the Oscars blunder… well it’s happened.

I give you #BagelGate

This is the most amazing two minutes of video you’ll watch in a long time.

A fight actually kicking off on a London train which revolved entirely around some bagels.

Favourite part? ‘HE’S GOT A BAGEL ON HIS HEAD’. In-cred-ible.

What I can make out. There’s a bagel and then two women fight over it, like hyeenas over a kill. Then a man throws the bagels out the window, a wise move? No.

More bagels begin to appear, as if there’s a traditional New York vendor on the train just pumping out beautiful rings of dough.

The bagels find their way to the window-man’s head. Bad move.

He kicks off ‘Get the fuck out my face’. Amazing.

Then there’s a platform scuffle.

Then the police rock up and demand answers… and bagels?



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