VIDEO OF THE DAY – Sky News crew survives ISIS suicide bombing

Reporters covering war are some of the bravest in the world and sometimes we’re reminded of how testing their job can be. 

It was an extremely close shave for this Sky News crew,  narrowly avoiding being involved in a suicide explosion, and a turmultuous day thereafter doding gunfire. 

Videos such as this surface every now and then and they’re a vital reminder of the work that fearless men and women do every day to bring you information from around the world. 


VIDEO OF THE DAY – Newly declassified nuclear explosion videos

Want to watch some explosions?

The US government have declassified 750 of nuclear explosion videos and now they’ve all been dumped on YouTube.

Here’s the full list.

The process of declassification is fascinating to me. Stuff that we weren’t allowed to see, but now we can!

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Fireworks explode at Israel factory fire

It’s the fireworks display that nobody wanted.

A fire, the cause of which is unknown, started in a fireworks factory in Israel leading to a spectacular and terrifying display.

Several people were injured and this incredible footage is terrifying and captivating at the same time.

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Jamie Carragher cut off mid-sentence by Jamie Redknapp

The post match football punditry can be a heated, never more-so than when someone isn’t able to make their point.

That’s exactly what happened to Liverpool FC legend Jamie Carragher. His look of utter fury is amazing when Jamie Redknapp interrupts him in full-analysis-flow

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Breaking Bad edited into a feature film

A hero of a human being took on the mammoth task and oh my word the results are amazing.

It took more than two years to do and then this hero posted it online for free.


31:30 seconds in is particularly special.

This video will 1000000% be taken down so enjoy it while it lasts.

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Sean Spicer’s US flag pin was upside down

After a few days of quiet (holiday) I’m back with a stunning video for you. 

I’m writing this on my phone so you may have to skip to 8 mins in for the GOLD!

Basically fans favourite Sean Spicer, The White House Press Secretary, wore his US flag pin upside down in his press briefing and reporters didn’t hesitate to point it out. 

Amazing scenes.

VIDEO OF THE DAY – This Raven is needy AF

Honestly have you ever seen anything which requires this much attention?

This undying love between man and raven was captured by bird fanatic @ravenmaster1 on Twitter.

Personally whenever I hear the word ‘raven’ I always think of this guy. AMIRITE?

Credit: BBC