VIDEO OF THE DAY – Syrian musicians play at Palmyra’s Roman Amphitheater after liberation from ISIS

This video is a little long, but stick with it.

After the liberation of Palmyra’s Roman Amphitheater (Syria) from terrorist organisation ISIS musicians played songs for crowds in celebration.

Once you’ve watched the music bit skip back to the start.

Those are Russians military planes and choppers flying overhead.

The Syrian army, backed by Russian airstrikes, regained control of the area on March 2nd.

I don’t tend to post ‘conflict content’, but this one seemed special to me.


VIDEO OF THE DAY – David Haye achilles snap

Yes, technically it’s a GIF but, get over it. 

Tonight David Haye clashed with Tony Bellew at London’s O2 arena for the boxing match up of the year. 

The deciding moment really was when poor Haye suffered an achilles injury in the sixth round. 

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Horse stuck in the sand in Belgium rescued

As the tide began to rise this horse probably thought the game was up, but humanity had other ideas.

This beautiful and heartwarming video shows a group of firefighters and members of the public defying mother nature to rescue stranded horse on a beach in Wenduine, Belgium.

In a world where so much of what we consume is so negative, watching something like this is a reminder of the kindness that still exists in the world.

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Skiers chase smouldering boulder on Mount Etna

The other day we have some mesmerising footage of Mount Etna, in Italy, erupting.

Today we have a different take on the natural power of a volcano.

A group of brave skiers in Italy can be seen following a smouldering boulder down the slopes of the volcano.

It rolls to a stop but carries on steaming in the cold surroundings of the snow.

There really isn’t much more to it than that. It’s simple yet brilliant.

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Drive Thru Ash Wednesday service

A great video doesn’t have to be a cinematic masterpiece, it needs to tell a story. That’s exactly what we have today.

Behold… Drive Thru Ash Wednesday service

Posted on Twitter by RTE journalist Pat McGrath the video shows a priest performing quick-as-you-like Ash Wednesday services in Glenamaddy, County Galway in the Republic of Ireland.

Nothing can escape the fast paced pressures of the modern world… not even organised religion.

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Molten lava erupting from Mt Etna

Volcanos erupting is just one of those things from history, right?


This mesmerising video isn’t from some remote and secluded volcano in the middle of the ocean. It’s Mt Etna, in Italy!

But don’t panic non existent Italian readers, these eruptions aren’t dangerous at all.

Even cooler, it’s been shot by a little Italian kid called Giuseppe Tonzuso, great work dude!

Nature really is a beautiful thing and videos like this one are a reminder of it’s immense power.


Remember earlier when I said that it would take something pretty special to top the Oscars blunder… well it’s happened.

I give you #BagelGate

This is the most amazing two minutes of video you’ll watch in a long time.

A fight actually kicking off on a London train which revolved entirely around some bagels.

Favourite part? ‘HE’S GOT A BAGEL ON HIS HEAD’. In-cred-ible.

What I can make out. There’s a bagel and then two women fight over it, like hyeenas over a kill. Then a man throws the bagels out the window, a wise move? No.

More bagels begin to appear, as if there’s a traditional New York vendor on the train just pumping out beautiful rings of dough.

The bagels find their way to the window-man’s head. Bad move.

He kicks off ‘Get the fuck out my face’. Amazing.

Then there’s a platform scuffle.

Then the police rock up and demand answers… and bagels?