VIDEO OF THE DAY – Sky News crew survives ISIS suicide bombing

Reporters covering war are some of the bravest in the world and sometimes we’re reminded of how testing their job can be. 

It was an extremely close shave for this Sky News crew,  narrowly avoiding being involved in a suicide explosion, and a turmultuous day thereafter doding gunfire. 

Videos such as this surface every now and then and they’re a vital reminder of the work that fearless men and women do every day to bring you information from around the world. 


VIDEO OF THE DAY – Newly declassified nuclear explosion videos

Want to watch some explosions?

The US government have declassified 750¬†of nuclear explosion videos and now they’ve all been dumped on YouTube.

Here’s the full list.

The process of declassification is fascinating to me. Stuff that we weren’t allowed to see, but now we can!