VIDEO OF THE DAY – Jamie Carragher cut off mid-sentence by Jamie Redknapp

The post match football punditry can be a heated, never more-so than when someone isn’t able to make their point.

That’s exactly what happened to Liverpool FC legend Jamie Carragher. His look of utter fury is amazing when Jamie Redknapp interrupts him in full-analysis-flow


VIDEO OF THE DAY – Little dictator gives inspiring speech

You can almost see the future politician in this one.


Over a nationalistic bowl of porridge this tot commanding a military in a scene that doesn’t fall short of the epic President’s speech from Independence Day.

I really hope the little one is saying ‘WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT!’

VIDEO OF THE DAY – Cholesteronique vs. Diabeteah

Everything about this video is fascinating.

Uploaded to LiveLeak by ‘Uncle Neck Cutter‘ it begs just one question… ‘What the hell?’

You see two women in an epic fight aboard a bus and fellow passengers fleeing the scene.

A particular favourite line ‘Your pussy stank too, bitch’. Incredible.

Watch, watch and watch again.


P.s I take no credit for the headline here, that’s taken directly from the LiveLeak video title. Genius at work.